Poem Written Late one Christmas Eve

This is a poem Chris Wick wrote late one Christmas even.

Contributed by Chris Wick / CTN News 

Fighting with your In-Laws,
Storming up the stair,
Ripping wrapping paper,
Tearing out your hair.

Burning Christmas dinner,
Getting in a flap,
How did it ever get to this,
Inside this festive trap?

It started out so well,
Organised and calm,
Made your cake – oh months ago,
There didn’t seem no harm.

Buying all the presents,
Writing piles of cards,
After all, it’s just one day,
It can’t be very hard.

Carol concert at the school,
And mince pies with your neighbour,
Thinks he’s Santa, sit on his lap?
But you’ve heard he’s quite a raver.

You start to dream of puds and cakes,
It’s taking over your life,
And if ‘HE’ doesn’t help you soon……
(you glance lovingly at your knife).

Can you fit another 12 in on Christmas day?
Your cousins want to come,
Along with your Aunty Flo as well,
Nod your head and quietly succumb.

And the morning dawns, wet and mild,
No snowflakes in the night,
You know this cause you’ve been wrapping till half past three,
No wonder you look a sight.

Did you remember to buy the crackers?
Spare bulbs for the light as well?
10kg box of Quality Street?
Gawd blimey, what’s that smell?

The dogs been sick, the turkeys GONE!!!!!!!!!
Don’t quote me, but I have a hunch,
That the two might be connected…….
So you have jam sandwiches for your lunch,

Crawl up the stairs and go to bed,
Another year over and done,
Next year is at you sisters house,
Think she might want to borrow a gun?

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