Diabetic Yogurt Breakfast for One

I want to show you the most simple thing that you can do with yogurt. I made this for breakfast for Katy (my daughter)  and she loved it. I must remind you that Katy is a Type 1 Insulin-dependent Diabetic, so a lot of what I normally cook has to be ‘tweaked’ for her. This turned out to be one of the healthiest breakfasts I could make for her, and she’s even asked if she can have it again tomorrow..

Recipe provided by Chris Wick who is a reporter for CTN NEWS, Check out great cooking ideas in the Test Kitchen.

Diabetic Breakfast for One

  • 1 x 150g pot of Total 0% fat yogurt
  • 2 Weetabix biscuits
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 teaspoon Splenda

Slice up the banana and arrange on a plate along with the Weetabix biscuits. Spoon the Total yogurt over them and finish with a sprinkle of Splenda sweetener.

So why am I considering this as being so healthy? Well, Katy is allowed 40g of carbohydrate for her breakfast. According to the packaging……..

Total Yogurt’s carbs are 4g per 100g, so the entire pot (150g) comes in at a measly 6g

The Weetabix (a lovely slow acting type of carb) comes to 27g

The banana is 10g

Th Splenda is a freebie ‘no carb’ sweetener.

So that’s 43g. Just 3 g over, less than 300 cal, and low fat to boot.

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